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Course curriculum

    1. A message from the conference organizer & course handouts

    2. How to use this course

    3. Breech Without Borders community

    4. Media agreement

    5. Liability Release

    6. Participant survey

    7. Knowledge assessment: please answer without consulting outside sources

    1. Conference introduction (Cynthia Caillagh, CPM) & Evidence on term breech since the Term Breech Trial (Rixa Freeze, PhD)

    2. Test your learning: Intro & Evidence on term breech

    3. Session evaluation: Freeze Evidence on Term Breech

    1. Physiological distance (Jennifer Block)

    2. Test your learning: Physiological distance

    3. Session evaluation: Jennifer Block

    1. The human right to skilled obstetric care for physiological breech birth (Hermine Hayes-Klein, JD)

    2. Test your learning: Human rights

    3. Session evaluation: Hermine Hayes-Klein

    1. Instituting ethical breech birth (Emiliano Chavira, MD)

    2. Test your learning: Ethical breech birth

    3. Session evaluation: Emiliano Chavira

    1. Community breech birth and expanding hospital access (Larry Leeman, MD, MPH)

    2. Test your learning: Expanding hospital access

    3. Session evaluation: Larry Leeman

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