Is Breech Refresh for you?

If you have already taken Breech Pro or a Breech Without Borders workshop, this course is for you! It reviews the key elements from our training courses and prepares you for simulation training. 

Breech Refresh is not a stand-alone course. If you are not a Breech Pro/workshop alum, please enroll in Breech Pro or in one of our hybrid workshops

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course intro and handouts

    • How to use this course platform

    • Media agreement

    • 10 steps of physiological breech birth & vaginal birth decision tree

    • Which way to rotate? Front to Back, Side to Side, and Løvset

    • Video & photo release form

    • Singleton breech data collection form

    • Twin breech data collection form

  • 2

    Physiological breech birth

    • Physiological breech birth: key principles & 10 steps

  • 3

    Normal breech birth

    • Normal breech birth

  • 4

    Abnormal breech birth

    • Abnormal breech birth

  • 5


    • Upright & supine maneuvers

  • 6

    Test your learning

    • Breech review quiz

  • 7

    2020 Breech research update

    • Video in production

    • Research update quiz

  • 8

    Course evaluations & CEU instructions

    • Course evaluation

    • CEU instructions